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Our Common Ground Project

Living Room Dialogues,Common Ground Project

Our Common Ground is the name of a renewed focus for the Network for Peace through Dialogue. It will continue discussion of topics that surfaced during the international conference titled "Neighborhood by Neighborhood: How can we build a sustainable world?" sponsored by the Network in 2002, which included representation from the Philippines, Germany, Zimbabwe and the US. Our Common Ground will spread the understanding and practice of dialogue with a heightened awareness of the soil, water, air and elements we share. The goal is to deepen our understanding of our place in the universe and relationship to Earth.

The full program description can be downloaded here : Our Common Ground Project Description

Dialogues and Notes

Skype Dialogues

These video dialogues are produced by the Network for Peace through Dialogue to enrich our connection to the Earth and each other

Most Recent Skype Dialogue

"Skype Dialogues" #16 with Gonzalo Martinez | Human Labor Trafficking, How Can We Help?

Other Skype Dialogues

"Skype Dialogues" #15 with Urban Permaculture Designer Greg Todd

"Skype Dialogues" #14 with Rural Permaculture Designer Caroline Peani

"Skype Dialogues" #13 with with John Butler on Educating Youth, Van Cortlandt Park, Career Outdoors in Nature

Skype Dialogue #12 with Christina Taylor Executive Director of Friends of Van Cortlandt Park

Skype Dialogue #11 with Bangladeshi Architect Jalal Ahmed on the Environment and More!

"Skype Dialogues" #10 with Aidan Ferris on Earth Guardians, Environmentalism, Forests and More

"Skype Dialogues" #9 with Evans on Environment, Natural Rituals and Mindfulness

"Skype Dialogues" #8 with Jim Conlon on Thomas Berry, Pope's Encyclical, Religion and Water

"Skype Dialogues" #7 with Peggy Ray on Climate Change, DDT, Consumerism and Reverence for the Earth

"Skype Dialogues" #6 with Marvie Misolas on Climate Change, Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan, Environment

"Skype Dialogues" #5 with Indigenous Women's Rights and Climate Justice Activist Alina Saba

"Skype Dialogues" #4 with Jane Hughes Gignoux about Earth, Death and the Environment

"Skype Dialogues" #3 with Network for Peace President Virginia Dorgan

"Skype Dialogues" #2 with Network for Peace President Kathleen Kanet

"Skype Dialogues" #1 with Network for Peace Staff Member Fiona Murray

Additional Diaglogues/Interviews

Zenaida Mique speaks on climate change in the Phillipines | Elasped time 15 mins  |   


Fall 2015 Newsletter


Network for Peace through Dialogue Blog posts devoted to the Our Common Ground Project

Living Room Dialogues


List of Related Organizations

People and Their Talks

Lifeweb-Elisabet Sahtouris

Thomas Berry at Genesis Farm speaks about questioning the deepest assumptions that govern our lives | Elasped time 44 mins

Winifred Doherty - Looking Beyond our Borders Environmental Justice and Human Trafficking

Selected Videos

Man by Steve Cutts

Brian Swimme

The Story of Solutions

Efforts at Sustainablity by Clare McBrien

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