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Welcome to the web archive of the Network for Peace through Dialogue. Due to technical issues with our streaming video content please copy and paste this link into your browser in order to view YouTube content associated with the Network for Peace though Dialogue.

Workshops and Conferences

Mediterranean Grave : The German Experience of the Refugee Crisis

Sponsored by the Network for Peace through Dialogue and The Migrant Center of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. A discussion of the refugee crisis in Europe with a response about what th e U.S. is doing, could do, and should do.

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Slavery Here and Now

We share the story about a forum on Human Trafficking titled "Slavery Here and Now". The forum was held on Thursday October 23, 2014 and it was a grand success. Fifty-five people attended, listened and participated in the conversation. There was good representation from both parishes as well as other interested groups.

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Confronting Modern Slavery: Prosecuting Sex Traffickers: A Dialogue to Generate Action

On April 24, 2012 Network for Peace, the Anglican Women's Empowerment, the International Institute on Peace Education, and the National Peace Academy designed a meeting to mobilize action to combat sex trafficking.

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Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking of Women

In 1993, Sister Eugenia Bonetti returned to Turin, Italy after 24 satisfying years of missionary service in Africa. She was surprised to find prostitutes on every street corner, she told participants in this Living Room Dialogue, and discovered that this was the case in every Italian city and all over the countryside.

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2010 Network for Peace Youth Dialogue Conference

The 2010 Youth Dialogue Conference was a success, with 80 youth and adults coming together for a day of sharing, reflection, collaboration, and fun. Participants tackled issues including sexuality, police misconduct, and dating violence, sharing their perspectives and experiences and learning more about other points of view. They created intergenerational spaces of open, honest communication, as both youth and adults expressed their opinions and explored together how to change the world. As one young man reflected, his experience at the conference taught him about "the power to connect people, and the necessity of it."

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2009 Dialogue In/As Action Conference

On June 12 & 13, 2009, The Network for Peace through Dialogue, in cooperation with Marymount Manhattan College, presented: "Dialogue In/As Action," a conference focused on the rich intersections of the methods, processes and actions of dialogue that lead to change. The 2009 conference exploree the ground rules for practicing good dialogue, as well as the parameters for putting constructive dialogue into action.

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2009 Dialogue Facilitators Networking Group A Skill Building Workshop for Dialogue Facilitators

The Dialogue Facilitators Networking Group (DFNG) is a monthly, six-session program designed to run October 2009 - March 2010. DFNG II will bring together fifteen New York City-area dialogue practitioners drawn from the United Nations, its agencies and accredited non-governmental organizations as well as the New York City-based professional dialogue community. DFNG II is a hybrid training ground and support group which prepares practitioners better to navigate their professional lives and to understand more clearly the importance of their work to society as a whole. It will include skill-building reviews and exercises, discussions about different methodologies and meaty consultation on how to have disagreement and confrontation without being destructive. A professional writer will be contracted who will develop a book based on the sessions.

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2007 Conference on Dialogue | Why Dialogue? (and when, and how, and where?)

A Conference for Community Groups, Researchers, Teachers, Students and Others in cooperation with Marymount Manhattan College co-sponsored by the National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation, and Conflict Resolution Program of the American Friends Service.

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2002 International Workshop

Neighborhood by Neighborhood: How can we have a Sustainable World?

In the winter of 2002, CIL/USA gathered participants from around the world to meet face-to-face for eleven days to pursue this topic which they had been considering with each other for the previous year. The group consisted of two from Zimbabwe, three from the Philippines, three from Germany and from the US, one from Colorado, four from Harlem, two from the Bronx, and five from other parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

A detailed account of the activities, deliberations and outcomes of their meeting is given in the forty-four page book: How can people from different cultures come together to make sense of our world?

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