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Welcome to the web archive of the Network for Peace through Dialogue. Due to technical issues with our streaming video content please copy and paste this link into your browser in order to view YouTube content associated with the Network for Peace though Dialogue.

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Bringing "Living Room Dialogues" to your living room

A small group of people gets together to discuss an important and possibly controversial subject and nobody is arguing. There are rules: Listen for understanding; speak from your heart as well as your mind; suspend judgment; remain open to differences. Network for Peace through Dialogue regularly gathers groups of a maximum of 6 people for 30-45 minute conversations through Google Hangouts. Every discussion is guided by an experienced Network for Peace facilitator.

To participate, you need a g-mail address, easily obtained from Google, and a camera in or on your computer. Send your g-mail address to info[at] and the Network will let you know the schedule of up-coming Google Hangout dialogues. Your suggestions for topics will be welcome, too.

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Shaping our Future

The "Shaping Our Future" program, was an attempt to broaden the conversations that occur through the Network for Peace through Dialogue's in-person "Living Room Dialogues." Participation was open to anyone who was interested and recruitment took place in the weeks leading up to a new dialogue session to get new individuals involved. Shaping Our Future used GoogleGroups, a free online message board, as the platform for communication. Most participants receive emails through the website and respond via email; occasionally messages are posted directly on the website. Below are summaries of past se

Shaping our Future
Year Topic
2009 Drugs and Addiction
2008 Is Peace Possible?
2008 Insurmountable Changes
2007 Migration
Title Author Date
Lessons from Online Dialogue: The Shaping Our Future Experience Karen Ross Spring 2011

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